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May 2015 issue of the SCOR Newsletter 

Education Opportunity - Biogeochemical cycles in highly productive marine ecosystems,  Buenos Aires, 2-14 December 2013

This is co-sponsored by SCOR International. Please see the link below for more information

grants available!

Application deadline: 1 August 2013

18 June 2013

Two berths available for the upcoming expedition to the Rainbow hydrothermal field area in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

Please see the linked pdf

11 January 2013

Webinar Series for Scientists and the Public

In a collaboration of the US National Science Foundation and the Group on Earth Observations, the NSF-funded Ocean Research Collaboration Network is proud to announce the first webinar in the series "Blue Marvel - Ocean Mysteries." The series will look at the ocean and its impact on us - from life in the ocean to human life on Earth. The audience focus is not only the ocean science community, but the broader public to stimulate interest in the work we do and our environment. The hour seminar will offer a substantial time for questions.

Whether it is food, disease, climate change or recreation, oceans affect us directly or indirectly. But we know little about the oceans. There are parts of the oceans that are more mysterious than the surface of the moon. The series will look at the mysteries and impacts of the ocean - the Blue Marvel - and how research and a broad spectrum of scientists, from engineers to chemists, microbiologists to archaeologists play a role in finding the answers.

The first of these web-based seminars, "Oceans, Climate and Human Health: the cholera paradigm" will be presented by Dr. Rita Colwell on Tuesday the 16 October at 10AM EDT/14:00 UTC. For more information and access to the webinar, go to   after September 18.

Dr. Colwell was the 11th director of the United States' National Science Foundation from 1998 to 2004 before becoming Chief Scientist at Canon U. S. Life Sciences. Dr. Colwell is an internationally recognized authority on cholera and infectious diseases and has remarkable understanding of the complex interplay of the "Earth system."

The webinar series will continue on a monthly basis the first Tuesday of the month except December with presentations from leaders in ocean exploration and research.

10 September 2012


Planning for SOLAS (Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study) began more than 10 years ago lead by Professor Peter Liss and team of international air-sea researchers. 4 Sponsors were secured, including SCOR, and SOLAS was officially born with the publication of the SOLAS Science Plan and Implementation Strategy, Peter becoming the projects first chair.

The SOLAS International Project Office (IPO) started out at UEA, in Norwich, UK funded by the National Environmental Research Council (NERC) and UEA. With continued support from NERC and UEA and success gaining an EU COST Action the project has grown and now encompasses more than 2000 researchers in more than 75 countries.

The SOLAS Mid-Term Strategy was launched in 2009, a set of research topics and issues relevant to SOLAS that are both topical and require international coordination to make progress.

In April 2010 the IPO moved its centre of operations to Kiel, Germany. The Norwich office became the Nodal office managing the COST Action 735 to develop tools for assessing global air-sea fluxes of climate and air pollution-relevant gases. Norwich also looked after communications such as the SOLAS website and newsletter.

Doug Wallace took the reins from Peter Liss to become the second chair of SOLAS followed by the current chair Eric Saltzman and always supported by members of the SOLAS Scientific Steering Committee, which includes DFO's Lisa Miller (IOS). SOLAS has seen four successful international conferences including the recent meeting in Washington State, USA, 5 international Summer Schools and hundreds of workshops, meetings, newsletters and e-bulletins leading to the collaborative community of researchers SOLAS represents today.

With funding coming to an end, the SOLAS Nodal office in Norwich was closed at the end of August but the project is very much a continuing story. Arrangements are being made to transfer the communications responsibilities. The next SOLAS Summer School is set for August 2013 in the new location of Xiamen, China and a new book, Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions of Gases and Particles is due for publication, by Springer, in late 2012, marking the end of COST Action 735 and looking to the future of SOLAS research.

31 August 2012

Results of CMOS Contribution to Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS) Open Science Conference - Winners of Poster Prizes


Please see the linked pdf report from this meeting which includes the Canadian winner, Kristina Brown.  CMOS sponsored these prizes at the meeting held in Washington State May 7–10, 2012.

18 July 2012


The Ocean Teacher Academy is holding a training course for marine scientists on the development of an interactive, web-based marine atlas. Participants will prepare a prototype atlas using MapServer, an open source development environment for building spatially-enabled internet applications. The course will be held at the UNESCO/IODE Project Office in Oostende, Belgium, from
5-9 November 2012. Applicants will require previous GIS training and experience.

Both full- and co-sponsored seats are available for a limited number of participants. Sponsored participants will receive one or a combination of the following cost items: 1) air ticket, 2) living and accommodation support, 3) tuition fee and 4) medical insurance. The selection of participants who will be sponsored will take into consideration:
  • Applicant country's development status (preference will be given to LIFDCs)
  • Endorsement of the candidate's application by his/her employer and any co-sponsoring
  • Expected impact of the training for the applicants' institution
  • Possibility of any co-sponsorship, which would require a letter of commitment from the co-sponsor.
Further details and an application process are described here .

Applications must be submitted by July 20, 2012.
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