Accreditation Committee / Comité d'accréditation

Terms of Reference / Termes de référence

Members / membres

Dr. Douw Steyn (Chairperson / président)
Dept. Earth and Ocean Sciences - Professor, Atmospheric Sciences Program
University of British Columbia
Vancouver BC
Telephone / Téléphone: 604-827-5517
Email / Courriel:

Dr. David Hudak
Research Scientist
Cloud Physics Research Division
Atmospheric Environment Service
14780 Jane Street
King City ON L7B 1A3
Telephone / Téléphone: 905-833-3896 ext. 242
Email / Courriel:

Mr. David Lemon
ASL Environmental Sciences Inc.
1986 Mills Rd.
Sidney, BC V8L 5Y3
Telephone / Téléphone: 250-656-0177

Mr. Brian Wannamaker
Sea Scan International Inc.
16065 Humber Station Road
Caledon East, ON L7E 3A4
Telephone / Téléphone: 905-880-0528
Email / Courriel:

M. Mario Gagnon
Telephone / Téléphone: 418-723-7390
Email / Courriel:

Dr. David Huard
Montreal. QC
Email / Courriel:


Accreditation Committee - Terms of Reference

1. To foster the establishment and maintenance of a high level of professional competency and ethical counsel in the fields of meteorological and oceanographic consulting.

2. To define, revise as necessary, and maintain the requirements and criteria for accreditation by CMOS of consultants in either meteorology or oceanography.

3. To review or arrange for peer review the applications received and advise the applicants of the decisions made by the Committee.

4. To maintain the list of Areas for Specialization for Accredited Consultants.

5. To maintain the list of Accredited Consultants.

Mode of Operation: The Committee will normally work and meet by e-mail and will hold at least one teleconference per year. It may also appoint ad hoc working or study groups as required.

Membership and Terms of Office: There shall be 3 or more members of the committee all of whom shall be Accredited Consultants, each appointed for a three-year term with the option to renew. 

Committee Level: This is a Council-appointed Committee.

Report: The Committee will produce an annual report in accordance with Appendix III to the By-Laws. 

Core Activities

1. To ensure that a basic level of qualifications has been achieved and recognized for anyone engaged in meteorological/oceanographic consulting and applying for accreditation by CMOS.

2. To monitor the maintenance of a high level of professional competency of and mature and ethical counsel provided by consultants accredited by CMOS.

3. To support and consult the CMOS Executive and Council on accreditation matters as required.

Approved by CMOS Council: September 23, 2004

Termes de référence



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