Aviation Special Interest Group (Aviation SIG)


Steve Ricketts (of SCR Consulting Services) is leading the formation of a Special Interest Group focussing on aviation meteorology. Recognizing that aviation is an important transportation sector with Canada and that it’s an important branch of meteorology for the application of meteorological and related knowledge and data, the Aviation SIG will serve as a focus for CMOS interests in aviation. This is consistent with the Society’s aim (“to promote meteorology and oceanography in Canada, and it is a major non-governmental organisation serving the interests of meteorologists, climatologists, oceanographers, limnologists, hydrologists and cryospheric scientists in Canada.”).

The Aviation SIG will be run in accordance with CMOS Bylaw #5 dealing with Special Interest Groups. It will serve as an advisory organization to the Executive and Council on matters related to aviation. It will provide a forum for government, public, private, and academia in Canada to work collaboratively in support of issues related to aviation meteorology.

The group will also be a forum to facilitate the publishing of aviation-related articles and the creation of a special track to present aviation issues and scientific research at the annual CMOS Congress.

Under the bylaw the group requires 25 members to participate and show interest in support of the mandate and activities of the group.

We are in the process of gaining the necessary support for the group. If you are interested please send an email to Steve Ricketts at stevericketts1@gmail.com.

Executive and Members


Steve Ricketts of SCR Consulting Services

Others to be added as they become available


Chairperson: Steve Ricketts, SCR Consulting Services (on an interim basis)

Vice-Chairperson: to be named later

Secretary-Treasurer: to be named later


In order to represent a broad spectrum of the meteorological community, committee members will be selected from government, the military, educational institutions, and private industry. CMOS members will be invited to join.

Terms of Reference

Recognizing that aviation is an important transportation sector in Canada and that there are important applications of aviation meteorology and related knowledge and data to assist the aviation sector in its operation and planning, a special interest group on aviation (the Aviation SIG) will serve as the focus for CMOS’ interests in aviation.

  1. Objectives:

    1. Ensuring that CMOS’ interests related to aviation meteorology are looked after, and in a coordinated and consistent manner.

    2. Acting as an advisory group to the Executive and Council and representing CMOS in discussions related to aviation meteorology in Canada.

    3. Increasing the awareness of planners, meteorologists, and scientists regarding the impact on weather on aviation operations.

    4. Increasing the awareness of the use of meteorology and related sciences to aviation activities and issues, and helping to ensure that those needs are met.

    5. Creating a neutral forum in which parties representing government, public, private, and academic (both in Canada and in other countries) can work together in support of aviation meteorology, data and scientific studies.

    6. Engaging with aviation groups and industry about aviation meteorology, data and scientific studies; specifically, to raise awareness of the application of aviation meteorology to assist in aviation operations for both economic and safety reasons. (Note: this SIG would supplement, not duplicate or interfere with groups and bodies that currently exist within government and the aviation industry that look after the various aspects of aviation weather.)

    7. Promoting the need for Canadian involvement in aviation-related meteorological research, specifically research of relevance to Canada aviation.

    8. Facilitating the publishing of articles related to aviation meteorology in Atmosphere-Ocean and elsewhere.

  2. Mode of Operation:

    1. The group will normally conduct its business by electronic means such as e-mail, phone, and video conferencing.

    2. It will explore the tapping of other technologies, such as a newsletter or blog on aviation weather activities and plans, and tapping Social Media (SM) tools, such as a dedicated Facebook group and Twitter account.

    3. It may appoint ad hoc working and study groups as required.

    4. It will investigate the sponsoring of a specialized session at the annual CMOS Congress dedicated to aviation meteorological, data and scientific studies.

    5. It will report on its activities on a quarterly basis to the CMOS Executive.

  3. Core Activities:

    1. To get input from the various parties engaged in aviation activities regarding their need for meteorological support, to help CMOS to develop positions and policy statements related to aviation meteorology issues, and to present these to other groups or bodies.

    2. To act as an intermediary for discussions involving the CMOS membership and others on matters related to aviation meteorology and related matters.

    3. To engage the Canadian aviation industry on matters related to aviation meteorology.

    4. To act as conduit for ideas and information related to activities in aviation meteorology being done around the world.

    5. To organize sessions on aviation meteorology at the CMOS Congress, and to collaborate with other national meteorological societies (such as the American Meteorological Society and the Royal Meteorological Society) on aviation-related activities and conferences.

  4. Reporting, Budgeting and Fees:

    1. A business plan outlining a targeted set of activities will be created that will include any potential fees and expenditures.

    2. This will be reported to the CMOS Executive on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting.

  5. Mandate & Terms of Reference review:

    1. On an annual basis, the SIG’s Executive will convene a meeting to review and assess the SIG's mandate and Terms of Reference to ensure that they still meet the intent and mandate of the group and of CMOS.

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