The strength of CMOS is in its local Centres, which are located in all areas where there is a concentration of oceanographers and / or meteorologists. In Montreal are among others the Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC), the St. Lawrence Centre and the National Laboratory for Severe Weather Meteorology from Environnement Canada, Ouranos, McGill and UQAM universities, Météo-Média. 


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The Montreal Centre of CMOS manages the Peter-Zwack and Alcide-Ouellet prizes. Click on the left menu for more details. 

The Montreal Centre of CMOS is proud to be a partner in regional sciences fairs. Click on the left menu for more details.

Prix Peter Zwack

Peter Zwack was a professor of meteorology at UQAM, but a few years at McGill University. It marked a whole generation of meteorologists. In November 2005, on the death of Professor Zwack at the age of 60 years, money was collected to create a "Peter Zwack Fund" to encourage studies in meteorology.

The Montreal Centre of CMOS managed this fund since July 2008. The Executive Board of the Centre annually awards two scholarships, one for UQAM and another for McGill University. The recipients are the meteorology most deserving master students and are selected by the respective universities. From 2009 to 2012 the amount associated with each purse was $ 250 and is now $ 500.

McGill: Ms Zhou Xialoi
UQAM: Ms Mélissa Cholette

McGill: Ms Amélie Bouchat
UQAM: Ms Jacinthe Clavet-Gaumont

McGill: Ms Alexandra Anderson-Frey
UQAM: Mr Kamel Chikhar

McGill: Mr Patrick Martineau
UQAM: Mr Oumarou Nikiéma

McGill: Ms Madalina Surcel
UQAM: Ms Dragana Kornic


Prix Alcide-Ouellet 

The Montreal CMOS inherited from the defunct Association of Professional meteorologists Quebec (APMQ) the mandate "to highlight the contribution of a person or institution to the influence of the profession in meteorology and climate." Recall Alcide Ouellet has for many years worked as a pioneer of meteorology in Quebec as a weatherman in the Montreal region.

2011: Mario Bejamin
2010: Allan Rahill
2009: Christian Pagé

The price has been distributed in the past by the APMQ to the following: Nathan Yacowar Jocelyne Blouin, Jean-Guy Cantin, Gaston Paulin, Peter Zwack, Hubert Allard, UQAM, Denis Poupart, Claude Lelièvre, Pascal Yacouvakis, Isztar Zawadzki and Gilles Brien.

Executive committee

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La force de la SCMO réside dans ses centres locaux, qui sont situés dans tous les endroits où il existe une population importante d'océanographes et/ou de météorologues. À Montréal, se trouvent entre autres le Centre météorologique canadien (CMC), le Centre météorologique aéronautique du Canada (CMAC-E) et le Centre Saint-Laurent et le Laboratoire national de météorologie du temps violent d'Environnement Canada, Ouranos, les universités McGill et UQAM, Météo-Média. 

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Le centre de Montréal est responsable de la gestion des prix Peter-Zwack et Alcide-Ouellet. Choisir dans le menu de gauche pour plus de détails. 

Le centre de Montréal est fier de s'associer aux expos-sciences régionales. Choisir dans le menu de gauche pour plus de détails. 

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