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Council – 2020-2021
President | Président
Marek Stastna, Waterloo
 Vice-President | Vice-président
Jim Abraham, Halifax
 Past-President | Présidente sortant
Kim Strong, Toronto
 Recording Secretary | Secrétaire de rédaction
Alexandre Audette, Toronto
 Corresponding Secretary | Secrétaire correspondante
Diane Pendlebury, Toronto
 Treasurer | Trésorier
Amir Shabbar, Toronto
 Councillor-at-large – Scientific Committee co-chair | Conseiller – coprésident du comité scientifique
Clark Richards, Halifax Timothy Merlis, Montreal
 Councillor-at-large | Conseiller
Aldona Wiacek, Halifax Bruce Sutherland, Edmonton Christopher Poitras, Calgary Dominique Paquin, Montreal Felicia Kolonjari, Toronto Iain Russell, Toronto Laura Bianucci, Sidney, BC
Councillor-at-large | Conseiller

President | Présidente
Councillor-at-large | Conseiller:
Iain Russell

A career meteorologist since 1987, having graduated from Plymouth University in the UK, and currently serving as the Director of Meteorological Research and Development for Pelmorex Weather Networks.
After graduating from Plymouth, I began my weather forecasting career in the offshore oil industry in the UK and several years later transitioned to the provision of weather services for a broad range of media outlets and industrial clients. By the end of the 1990’s I had become increasingly immersed in the design of technological solutions for the improvement of meteorological services.
Moving to Canada with my family in 2000 to work for Pelmorex, I continued to develop my career at the interface of atmospheric and computer sciences, based on a lifelong learning attitude and the completion of numerous academic studies. My current focus is to lead the research and design of innovative technologies for next generation weather forecasting improvements for Pelmorex Weather Networks. Accomplishing this goal requires a strong focus on weather observations datasets in order to ensure a strong foundation of weather data ground truth, for example in the application of machine learning techniques.