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Council – 2020-2021
President | Président
Marek Stastna, Waterloo
 Vice-President | Vice-président
Jim Abraham, Halifax
 Past-President | Présidente sortant
Kim Strong, Toronto
 Recording Secretary | Secrétaire de rédaction
Alexandre Audette, Toronto
 Corresponding Secretary | Secrétaire correspondante
Diane Pendlebury, Toronto
 Treasurer | Trésorier
Amir Shabbar, Toronto
 Councillor-at-large – Scientific Committee co-chair | Conseiller – coprésident du comité scientifique
Clark Richards, Halifax Timothy Merlis, Montreal
 Councillor-at-large | Conseiller
Aldona Wiacek, Halifax Bruce Sutherland, Edmonton Christopher Poitras, Calgary Dominique Paquin, Montreal Felicia Kolonjari, Toronto Iain Russell, Toronto Laura Bianucci, Sidney, BC
Councillor-at-large | Conseiller
President | Présidente
Councillor-at-large | Conseiller:
 Christopher Poitras

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and since I can remember I have had a strong interest in Meteorology, Climatology, Oceanography and Geosciences.

I received my Weather Forecasting certificate from Penn State University in December of 2019. I am currently in my third year online at Marshal completing a Bachelor of Science, major in Geography, emphasis in Weather Broadcasting, and minor in Meteorology.