Fellows and Honorary Fellows - Nomination Instructions


Nominations can be submitted at any time of the year but are to be received by the Awards Coordinator at e-mail: awards-coord@cmos.ca or the CMOS postal address by March 15 to be considered for that year.


Nominations for appoinment of a member as Fellow or a non-member as Honorary Fellow will be adjudicated by a Fellows Committee established by Council. The terms of reference of the committee state that there shall be 3 or more members of the committee, each appointed for a two-year term with the option to be renewed for a second term. A majority of members shall be Fellows of the Society. The Past-President will serve as ex-officio member to provide liaison with the Executive.


  1. At least one Sponsor shall be a Member of the Society.
  2. The nomination shall consist of a letter of recommendation from the primary sponsor and at least one and at most three additional letters of support indicating the extent of influence of the candidate's work. It is acceptable for the sponsors to collaborate on one combined letter on which they have all affixed their signatures although they should be mindful that separate letters often have more impact.
  3. Nominees for Fellow must be members of the Society in good standing .
  4. Nominating letters should include the current title, full postal address, email address and phone number of the nominee. Sponsors are encouraged to write comprehensive and detailed letters of support, one to two pages in length, amply illustrating the reasons why the candidate is worthy of this recognition.
  5. The criteria for advancing an individual to Fellow status in CMOS should recognize one or more of the following areas of significant contributions: Research; Teaching; Graduate student supervision; Technology; Professional Services; Administration in academia, industry, government, or other institutions; Communicating and interpreting atmospheric and oceanographic sciences professionally or to the public; Weathercasting; International meteorological and/or oceanographic affairs; Other (specify) . (The list is intended to be illustrative and not exhaustive.)
  6. A comprehensive up-to-date CV and a summary of the candidate's work, including volunteer work, must be included.
  7. Electronic format (e.g., pdf) is preferred; however, hard-copy material will be accepted.
  8. Please provide a one- or two-sentence citation suitable for a certificate.
  9. Receipt of submissions will not be acknowledged unless requested. Acknowledgement when requested will be by e-mail
  10. The nomination (letter from the primary sponsor , additional letters, CV, etc.) should be submitted together as one complete package.
  11. Nominations are to be received by the Awards Coordinator at e-mail: awards-coord@cmos.ca or the CMOS postal address by March 15 of each year.

    Fellows Committee
    c/o Awards Coordinator, CMOS
    P. O. Box 3211, Station D
    Ottawa, ON  K1P 6H7
    Telephone: 613-990-0300
    Email: awards-coord@cmos.ca

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