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Presentation Topic:
  Canada's Changing Climate Report

Title: Key Findings from Canada's Changing Climate Report

Abstract :
Canada's Changing Climate Report was released on April 1st, 2019. Led by Environment and Climate Change Canada, this is the first report to be released through the national assessment report series: Canada in a Changing Climate: Advancing our Knowledge for Action. The report provides comprehensive information on how and why Canada's climate has changed, and what changes are projected for the future. This talk will present results from the report on changes across Canada in temperature, precipitation, snow, ice and permafrost, freshwater availability as well as in Canada's three ocean's. Changes in Canada's climate will be considered within the broader context of global-scale changes, with a focus on recent results from the IPCC Special Report on The Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate.

Speakers are :

Barrie Bonsal, Elizabeth Bush, Chris Derksen, Greg Flato, Nathan Gillet, Blair Greenan, and Lawrence Mudryk

Past Tour Speakers

Year Name Topic
2019 Roberta Hamme 

Laxmi Sushama 
Ocean Oxygen Cycling from Robotic and Shipboard Observations

Climate-Engineering Dialogue in the Context of Arctic  Engineering Systems
2018 Gilbert Brunet  Toward Seamless Weather and Climate Earth-system Prediction 


2017 Richard Dewey Anomalies récentes dans le Pacifique : les oscillations, El Niño et le fameux «  Blob  »

Francis Zwiers

Prof. Ronald Stewart
Changing extremes - is it real, or just imagined?

Hazardous Near 0°C Precipitation 

Kumiko Azetsu-Scott

Dr. Charles Hannah
About 1/4 of carbon dioxide (CO2) released by human activities to the atmosphere since the start of the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s has been taken up by the oceans 

An overview of the oceanographic component of the World Class Tanker Safety Initiative
2014 Tom McElroy Ozone Science: From Discovery to Recovery - and Beyond
2013 Denis Gilbert Oceans and Climate Change /  Océans et changements climatiques
2012 Eyad Atallah Where's the rain? A talk on the connection between tropical cyclones in the North Pacific and drought in Western Canada
2011 Thomas F. Pedersen Climate Change and the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions: Blending Science, Social Science, Politics and Opportunity
2010 Jim Drummond Our PEARL Near the Pole: Atmospheric Research at 80oN
2009 Ken Denman Climate Change: a Collision of Science, Politics, Economics and Ethics / Le changement c limatique : un choc d'idées s cientifiques, politiques, économiques et éthiques
2007-2008 Ed Hudson Arctic Weather / Le Temps a rctique
2006-2007 Fraser J.M. Davidson &  Dan Wright * Ocean Forecasts for Canadians: Improving safety at sea through prediction of ocean behaviour
2005-2006 Phil Chadwick Weather through the Eyes of Canadian Artists Featuring Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven
2005 Maurice Levasseur Testing the Iron-DMS-Climate Connection in the Subarctic Pacific  / Tester la relation f er-DMS- c limat d ans le Pacifique s ubarctique
2004 M.A. Jenkins Coupled Wildfire-atmosphere Modelling / Modélisation couplée f eux de forêt/atmosphère
2003 Geoff L. Holland The Challenges, Past, Present and Future of Ocean Observing Systems
2002 Michel Jean Non-traditional Applications of Meteorological Modelling
2001 Howard J. Freeland Argo Armada - a Global Array of Profiling Floats
2000 Robert S. Schemenauer Fog and Fog Collection - Exploring this Hidden Water Resource
1999 Greg Flato The Cryosphere and Climate Change
1998 Natalie Gauthier The i nterMET Project: Using the Internet to Improve the Teaching of Meteorology in Quebec High Schools
1996-1997 William Hsieh Neural Networks for Short-Term Climate Prediction
1995-1996 Ambury Stuart How to Establish a Small Scientific Consulting Business
1994-1995 J.R.N. Lazier The North Atlantic Oscillation versus the Cold Fresh Fishless Labrador Sea
1993 A. Staniforth Numerical Forecasting of the Atmosphere
1992 Jim Gower Satellite Images - Where are we after 20 years?
1991 J.-P. Blanchet Global Climate Modelling
1990 M.I. El-Sabh * The International Decade for Natural Hazard Reduction - A Challenge for Canadian Meteorologists and Oceanographers
1989 David Phillips
Peter Zwack *
Canadian Weather Legends - Facts, Fallacies  and Fables
1988 Trevor Platt The Role of Marine Plant Life
1987 M. Khandekar - W. Canada
L.A. Mysak - E. Canada
Asian Monsoon Droughts and Floods
Ocean Wave Modelling
1986 D. Farmer Uses of Acoustic Techniques in Meteorology and Oceanography
1985 R. Portelli, B. Weisman  
1984 Warren L. Godson * Diagnosis and Prognosis of Atmospheric Science Controversies
1983 R.O. Ramseier * Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of Sea Ice
1982 P.A. Taylor Wind Power in Canada - Some Meteorological Aspects
1981 G.L. Austin, W.J. Emery  
1980 M. Glanz  
1979 A. Fraser  
1978 D.S. Davison  
1976 J. Maybank *   
1975 P.E. Merilees *  
1974 A.G. Davenport  
1973 W.R. Frisken  
1972 M.B. D anard *  
1971 F.K. Hare *  
1970 T.R. Oke  
1969 K.M. King  

* = Deceased

Note:  For many years these Tour Speakers were supported by AES and DFO.


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