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Council – 2020-2021
President | Président
Marek Stastna, Waterloo
 Vice-President | Vice-président
Jim Abraham, Halifax
 Past-President | Présidente sortant
Kim Strong, Toronto
 Recording Secretary | Secrétaire de rédaction
Alexandre Audette, Toronto
 Corresponding Secretary | Secrétaire correspondante
Diane Pendlebury, Toronto
 Treasurer | Trésorier
Amir Shabbar, Toronto
 Councillor-at-large – Scientific Committee co-chair | Conseiller – coprésident du comité scientifique
Clark Richards, Halifax Timothy Merlis, Montreal
 Councillor-at-large | Conseiller
Aldona Wiacek, Halifax Bruce Sutherland, Edmonton Christopher Poitras, Calgary Dominique Paquin, Montreal Felicia Kolonjari, Toronto Iain Russell, Toronto Laura Bianucci, Sidney, BC
  Treasurer | Trésorier
President | Présidente
Treasurer | Trésorier: Amir Shabbar

A graduate of the University of Toronto in meteorology, Amir Shabbar has carried out research in climate variability and prediction for nearly 30 years at Environment and Climate Change Canada. Amir’s specialty is in large-scale atmospheric and oceanic teleconnection as they affect the Canadian climate.  Amir’s research investigation of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation phenomenon forms the basis of the understanding of the impact of ENSO on the Canadian climate.

 Amir’s has used his expertise in spatial statistical analysis to document the effects of ENSO on drought, large-scale forest fires and severe Ice Storm of 1998 in Canada. Amir’s collaboration with university and international scientists has produced a long list of publication in peer-reviewed journal. He was awarded the 2006 Andrew Thomson prize in applied meteorology by the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. By volunteering for CMOS, Amir aims to promote meteorology in Canada, especially among the university and high school students.